di yi [first]

“lagi apa neng?”

His sms arrived on my inbox while i’m doing my routinity, blogwalking. Yeahh.. i called it  : socialization. I continue reading this blog that made me so curious till the end of this chapter. Damn! “To be continued…”

Then I reply his sms.

“Like usual, socialization on my bed with my laptop during my bed rest. Hi.. still remember me? I thought you’ve forgotten me and met your Luna. What’s up? Miss me already?”

“Maybe yes maybe yes. hey, is it worse then yesterday?”

Huahaha… my mad friend ever! i love his “maybe-yes-maybe-yes”

“ho oh. worse. I’ll check to GP this evening, just wish me good luck and hope it just common flu. What are you doing?”

“Still on duty, neng. Just wanna check your condition”

“Xixixi.. hm… why you’re so sweet and care now?”.

I bet that he’ blushing since he’s blushing easily with ordinary words from me. Huahaha…

“am i?”

Such a short reply, just he knows what it means. I do not care actually.

“tell me something…”

yeaaahh…. i requested something unclear, i know. What i want him to say?

one minute,

two minutes,

five minutes,


“get better soon, neng and chat with me as usual”.

he blushed me back! Crappppp

” i will. thanks”


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