how their impression about you?

Yesterday, once awaiting our movie show @ theater, my Friend & I had a dinner at Pempek Palembang Megaria. While biting our cuisine, we talked about how we were when we’re high school student.

Her high school mates are collecting data of the alumni (is it the right word?) such as address, mobile # etc. Then some of her high school mate called her and he asked,

hey… you’re DDD (name of my friend)… are you still ugly & kucel?

Huahahahaha… i was laughed listened to her story about her schoolmate impression about her.

“Am i so ugly & kucel in the past? no wonder i had  no boyfriend…”she asked herself.


“Beside ugly, kucel, dont tell me that you’re belong to average-stupid-unpopular-student?!” I asked her.

“Whats?! Nope!!! Above average… of course!”

“Are you sure? Since someone becomes popular in 3 ways : the smarters, the stupidest and the most naughty. If you’re just within them, no wonder you’re so unpopular…xixixi”

Then i tried to dig my highschool memories. hm… Were I so unpopular also? I dont think so, since all of my highschool-mates know me, even i didn’t belong to the smart, stupid, naughty  either popular. So?

Xixixixi… Am I so over-confident that everybody knew me? Huahahahaha… you’ve got the answer…!


5 thoughts on “how their impression about you?

  1. uhm.. how to sell urself?

    Itu yang tadi ditanyain sama si pewawancara.. dan buat saya pusing..

    Btw.. empek2 megaria?? *LoLz..* ntuh khan nama tempat jualan kayak grosiran gitu :p~~

    Palembang, banyak loh empek2 yang enakkk dan rasanya nendang 😀

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