umbrella boy

The umbrella boy sms me this morning and informed me that he’s chosen to be the umbrella boy again. Huahahaha… I was laughing. Here’s our conversation…

Umbrella Boy : Sorry for late reply, i was overslept last night and now i was beautified to be umbrella boy for my cousin wedding!

I was typing the message, then unknown XL number called me and I answered it.

Me : Hallow, who is this?

Huahahaha… It’s him. He called me. Gosh… I was laughing along our conversation while listening his story with his sundanese dialect fluently. No…no… i didn’t laugh about the tradisional language, but I was laughing his dialect. It’s ended when he said that it was the time to do his role as Umbrella boy. Like usual, with our funny, stupid farewell.

Finished? not yet…

Me : Enjoy your day umbrella boy. Huahaha. Gmn kalo lu jadiin itu propesi, sapa tau lu laku. Xixixi

UB : Photo session dulu ma mempelai… ada ada aja. duh, make up gw luntur dah…

Me : Gokilll…. jangan lupa nyolongin melati penganten, kali ajah minggu depan tb waktunya lu bersanding ma luna. Tapi ntar bis acara, biar ga ngamuk mantennya.  Amin.

UB : Gua bakalan ambil ma potnya, biar luna mayanya DUA!

Me : Jgn ama potnya, yang ada ntar yang lain yang dateng sambil bilang, “duh akang tau ajah iteung doyan melati” mau lu?!

UB : Amit2

Huahahaha… He always make me laugh.

ow..ow… don’t assume anything before i did.. 😛


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