thanks mr. Chemist



neng? are you ok?

do you upset?

neng, are you really ok?

His sms came many times to my mobile asking the same question. Puff… I was ok, stop bothered me, i was not in a good mood. It switched unexpectedly. Crap!!!

But, I should reply it to convince that i was OK.

Yeah.. i didn’t have any passion to argue that i didnt like his way to be called as NENG. Lately, he called me CEU instead of NENG.

I’m fine. Sorry.

He’s too much. I’m fine. it’s just because my swinging mood. And everything started to be ‘normal’.

Ye… it’s not about panic, oNENG! since you suddenly change from acid to base. it’s the most weird thing!

Huahhahaha… like usual, his sentence did made me laugh. So funny, so entertaining. My mood slowly changed to be normal. Then, our normal-like conversation continuing about his dramaqueen.

if only i couldn’t find my own base, i would be so undefined, being centrifuged then still undefined, then i would self-spinning as centrifuse did.

See? on telling his own story, he’s still using the chemistry terms, and i knew it. How could I laugh? I know his metaphoric, since we live in the same background, the-hard-cursed-chemistry..xixixi.

You know what? I would extract you, evaporate you into pure extract and separate you into fragment using TLC.

Stop talking about it, i’ve forgotten about all terms. Thanks God, you’re alright.

Thanks Mr. Chemist.


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