so defensive?


I’ve picked this comment thread from zia’s posting :D.  Off course, i’ve asked his permit, even he hasn’t said yes :p. latest update, he’s said yes… xixixi

My question appears after reading his statement about being care.

See my reply on the third row, then his reply about soulmate or spouse. Then comes my other question,

why soulmate?

then he replied & explained.

okay, regardless his explanation, i’m asking myself why i was so defensive when talking about soulmate?

anyone, please let me know.


8 thoughts on “so defensive?

  1. You know,Elu tuh takut ajah.Takut tergantung sama orang lain.baca carefully :

    There is nothing wrong in memberi,there is nothing wrong in menerima,there is nothing wrong in saling memberi and menerima :D.

    Dan there is nothing wrong in tergantung to somebody-selama tergantungnya wajar-wajar ajah.

    Lha,elu yang wajar aja di anggap lebay?

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