welcome greeting

Alhamdulillah sayang akhirnya pulang dari rumah sakit. Aku senang kamu di sini lagi.

Kalimat biasa yang diucapkan suami saya, yang membuat saya speechless. Saya tidak peduli itu hanya basa basi atau hanya sekedar welcome greeting, tapi saya yakin suami saya tulus :).

dan saya tidak salah mencintai lelaki ini :).

on the 1st night after i went back from hospital, 
on our bed, before we slept.

the last chance

A few days ago, a friend of mine called me.
She offered something, a proposal that shocked me up.

It’s just too early since i’m enjoying mine now and i thought i still had right to decide and the answer mustn’t “yes i do”.

Well, hope it’s not my last chance.

Btw, i have my right to choose, don’t i?