2 windows

you should be on another window,

staring each other,

blending feel with the crimson of the window,

freezing the time,

and let eyes talk about us.


happy birthday

heyyy…. i found your birthday on my mobile reminder. Gosh.. i forgot to remove it from my birthday reminder. Yeah, i also said the same a few years ago and i just let it stayed on my reminder till now.

did you remember once 10 days earlier you wrote this to me,

Hey.. it’s my birthday would be on next 10 days, but you’d given me this.

I smiled reading your message using that new mobile number. I just wanted to give you something, but i never thought that it would be your birthday present. Just wanted you’re still reachable, any time i wanted.

A few years ago, we celebrated yours, mine and ours. This year, i dont think so :(.

Just because I can not celebrate it with you this year, just let me have a greeting for you.

Happy birthday, dear. You’ll always be it. Have a happy life :). I’m still trying to be happy as you are. Have a great birthday this year with your beloved person 🙂

umbrella boy

The umbrella boy sms me this morning and informed me that he’s chosen to be the umbrella boy again. Huahahaha… I was laughing. Here’s our conversation…

Umbrella Boy : Sorry for late reply, i was overslept last night and now i was beautified to be umbrella boy for my cousin wedding!

I was typing the message, then unknown XL number called me and I answered it.

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how their impression about you?

Yesterday, once awaiting our movie show @ theater, my Friend & I had a dinner at Pempek Palembang Megaria. While biting our cuisine, we talked about how we were when we’re high school student.

Her high school mates are collecting data of the alumni (is it the right word?) such as address, mobile # etc. Then some of her high school mate called her and he asked,

hey… you’re DDD (name of my friend)… are you still ugly & kucel?

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