Change template & speechless

Yuhuuu… i’ve changed the template, Again!
Hm… this is my first blog dominated with BLACK… hiii so gothic!
Okay, enough for template announcement.

Today, a 13 years old girl added my plurk as her friend, then she posted about her blog. Hm… she’s also a blogger. Then, i visited hers. Hm… nice. Such a long story and i couldn’t wait to leave a comment on it.

As my previous BAD experience, when i left a comment on a high school student’s blog, she visited my blog back. And you know what her comment :

“Makasih ya Tante kunjungannya”

TANTE??? HUaaaa? Am I so old? Enough! Since then I won’t leave any comment on far-younger-enough’s blog. Gubraakkk. Speechless.

That’s all for today. I have to continue my task to translate other 70 pages. Arggghhh…